Reach for the Moon

Sky is the Limit Therefore Reach for the Stars – Raw-Ink

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to write you a quick message as its almost the end of term. I want you to know how amazing you all are and how much I have enjoyed having you in my class this year. It has been a strange one but one we will definitely all remember!

Going forward I want you to promise me you will work hard, have fun and wear a smile as much as you can! I have missed your smiles and look forward to seeing them around school again very soon. Mr Harrison is a very lucky teacher to be having you lot next year – I am very jealous!

Head over to Tapestry where you will find a little something for you all to remember your Reception class – can you spot your picture and your name?

Have a great holiday and I will see you all again in September.

Mrs Doyle xxx

Monday Assembly

Here is our Monday assembly…

This week it’s Miss Frobisher’s turn to do the Community Challenge! Linked to our Carnival Week, and to celebrate ‘Cragside: Together and Apart’, we are going to revive The Chiming Tree in Paddy Freeman’s by the pond. The Friends of Paddy Freeman’s has agreed that we can decorate the tree.

Check out the document attached as to how you get involved. If we work together, the tree can become magical again…

Also in our community, if you haven’t already been, head down to the People’s Theatre where all our ‘Lockdown: Take One Picture’ art work is up on display. It really does look fantastic so well done to all those who got involved.

Have a lovely Monday everyone.

The Reception Team x

Come Join the Carnival!

Can you believe this is our final week of the year!?! What a year it has been! We would all like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your hard work, determination, enthusiasm and endless fun. We would also like to thank you grown ups for their continued support throughout all of this year. It has certainly not turned out how any of us would have imagined and we can’t even begin to tell you how sad we are that we have not been able to finish your first year at Cragside Primary School with you. We have absolutely loved seeing you all grow and blossom, you have made us all so proud and although we are sad not to have you in our classrooms again, we know you are all going to continue to thrive in Year 1. We are only a classroom or two away so don’t forget about us and please do wave and say hello whenever you see us.

For now we will leave you with your final planning of the year and it’s certainly a good one for us all to go out with a bang! Do look out for a few more tapestry posts next week as this isn’t quite the end just yet.

Attached is our timetable, English activities and extra activities to try at home…

Here is our maths for the week, all based around the story ‘How many legs’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field…

Have a brilliant week.

The Reception Team x

Happy Wednesday

Good Morning everyone, we hope you are all having a lovely week so far.

Having looked through this weeks posts, we think you must all be so busy having a lovely time with your families (or at school with us!) that you haven’t had as much time to send us your photos so we don’t have quite as many to share with you this week.

Lots of you did make sports week diaries and some of you have learnt a new skill too; learning to ride your bike. Well done to all of you that have learnt this while at home, it is a fantastic achievement. Matilda has started her karate lessons again (socially distanced of course) and Jack did some fantastic long jumping with his sister during sports week.

You might notice, as well, a photo of a very special letter in our montage. Mary wrote to the Queen a little while back, wishing her a Happy Birthday! And last week, she got a reply. Head over to Tapestry to see if you can spot it…

We also have another story for you. Here is Mrs Westwood with a lovely story for you, called ‘I’ll wait Mr Panda’ by Steve Anthony.

Next week, look out for a special photo montage to celebrate the end of year!

Have a lovely week,

The Reception Team x

Monday Assembly

Good Morning everyone, how was your weekend? We hope you all had a lovely restful time after Sports Week! Did you get moving much last week? What sports did you have a go at? I wonder if any of you managed any of Mr Digby’s challenges (they were very tricky so well done if you did!). 

It’s looking like the weather is brightening up this week and the wind has dropped so we won’t be blown away when we attempt to go out for our walk or exercise today!!!

To start this sunny day, here is our Monday assembly from Mrs Lennox all about sharing our worries. We’ve talked about this a lot in school and as we all know, it is so important to share any worries we might have. Talking can make things seem so much better…

We also have another community challenge for you, this time organised by Mrs Westwood…

We hope you enjoy both and have a fantastic week discovering all kinds of Islands of Adventures…

The Reception Team x

Islands of Adventure!

We both had so much fun singing and making our video for you this week! We hope you have as much fun following some of the activities that we have for you too!

To start with, here is the timetable, activities and English plan (with some extra phonics and cutting activities) for you to get your teeth into:

Then there is the White Rose Maths which this week is ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet!’ You will also see that we have added some alternative maths activities to your English plan this week – this is following some requests from parents for a few extra ideas.

We really hope you have a fab week and, as always, look forward to seeing some of your work on Tapestry.

Stay Safe x

The Reception Team